who knew?

Story Behind The Song

summer lovin'

Song Length 2:54 Genre Blues - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Just 17 and out of school
I went out west just to sow a few
They hooked us up, me and you
We didn't, we didn't have a clue
You were handsome, that is true
You stole my heart just by being you
You kissed me sweet and held me too
We didn't, we didn't have a clue


Who knew? We'd fall in love
Who knew? We'd fall in love
Who knew? We'd fall in love
Who knew

We were too young and not that smart
Too many miles kept us apart
Keeping in touch was just too damn hard
It felt heavy on our hearts
Now, I'm talkin' about the sweetest little love affair you ever did see
(all of a week)
Honest lovin' between you and me
So quick, no hurtin' could ever be
A special place in my heart


It's been 20 some odd years now?
We both have families almost grown
And life has had it's ups and downs
But neither of us are alone
Yes, we have been truly blessed
We got to put love to the test
And we both found another we love the best
Yes, we have been truly blessed


My wish for you is happiness
Your family's love with no regrets
I only hope that you don't forget
That we didn't, we didn't have a clue
No we didn't, we didn't have a clue
Who knew? Who knew? Who knew?

copyright 2005.tinamargotmusic.all rights reserved.

Lyrics tina margot Music tina margot
Producer john fachet, sweetcreek studios, ottsville,pa Performance tina margot, kurt johnston
Label www.tinamargotmusic.com

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