poor boy

Song Length 5:34 Genre Folk - General, Country - General
Language English


He was a small boy growing up poor
Always wondering why there couldn't be more
No heat in the house, bricks in the bed
Cold winter days with no hat for his head

Why couldn't he be like the other kids?
Their shoes didn't have holes like his
Standing in line for welfare food
He faked false pride, but he felt like a fool

Just Mom and Dad and Sister too
Trying to get by on a buck or two
Mom had to rob Peter to pay Paul
Those bills kept piling up ,is all

Dad worked hard, but he liked to fight
Drank too much and didn't come home at night
Mom layed awake and alone in bed
Wondering if Dad was alive or dead

Big Sis always seemed to get her way
He begged for attention every day
He did what he could, with all of his might
Only got noticed after he'd been in a fight

He was working full time at age 16
Mom and Dad got the check and he got lean
He learned a trade just to find his way
He worked hard every single day

He traveled far across this land
Showing the world he was a man
But deep inside, he wished for the child
That longed to laugh and play awhile

He was a young man growing up poor
He worked hard so there could be more
There's heat in the house now and food on the stove
He helped his family grow

Mom got sick and died too young
The poor boy was only 21
"Mom got robbed", he used to say
truth is, he was robbed that day

Couple years later, Dad died too
What was this poor boy gonna do?
They worked so hard their whole damn life
Just didn't seem to be right

He's on his own, Sis moved away
Thinks about his folks most every day
There's money in the bank now and clothes from the store
He's not that poor boy anymore

He hopes and prays his luch will keep
Thoughts of going back just make him weak
Never again wants to be that small poor boy
Just longs for happiness and joy


Repeat verse one

copyright 2005.tinamargotmusic.all rights reserved.

Lyrics tina margot Music tina margot
Producer john fachet, sweetcreek studios, ottsville, pa Performance tina margot, kurt johnston

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