I've Got The Blues

Story Behind The Song

support from my man

Song Length 3:39 Genre Blues - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Well, I've got a man sittin' at home
He's there every night all alone
While I'm sitting here on this big old stage
Why won't he come to see me? Is he too afraid?
I sure wish he'd get in his car
And come down the road here, it's not that far
I get so sad when he's not here
I'ts crazy, I tell ya, I thought the man had no fear


I've got the blues, by the end of the night
I've got the blues, and it just makes me want to fight
I've got the blues, I know it ain't right
But, what's a girl supposed to to?

So, he's sittin' home watching TV
Don't you think he should be sittin' here watching little ol' me?
I'm singing my heart out to all of you
I sure would like to be singing to him too
I'm so happy I can make you smile
That's something I haven't seen on my man for awhile
So here I sit alone on this big old stage
And the hurt is slowly turning to rage


Now , I ain't braggin', but I hear them talk
Some guys out there kinda like the way I walk
And they're wondering why my man ain't around
Does he just not love me or is he out of town?
So, I'll keep siitting here doing what I love
Being thankful for my blessings from above
But silently, I pray to see
The day my man comes in here to hear me sing

Now, I've got the blues, It's the end of the night
Yeah, I've got the blues, oh, there's gonna be a big fight
Oh, I've got the blues, I don't care if it ain't right
'Cus, what's a girl supposed to do?

copyright 2005. tinamargotmusic. all rights reserved.

Lyrics tina margot Music tina margot
Producer john fachet, sweetcreek studios, ottsville, pa Performance tina margot, kurt johnston
Label www.tinamargotmusic.com

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