I believe in angels

Story Behind The Song

ture story about an angel on earth

Song Length 3:10 Genre Folk - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Do you believe in angels? They're everywhere you know
Do you believe in angels? I do, let me tell you so
There once was a day many years ago
I couldn't find my way, my heart was broken so
What could I do then , where could I go?

I was working late that night
It was dark and cold
I was so afraid that night
Then, my angel came, worn and old
I did not know him, he was a stranger to me
Couldn't understand him, his tongue was foreign , you see
Just bought some flowers and a package of gum
Used all my powers to smile at him some

This old man then surprised me and I knew it was true
An angel came to save me when I was so blue
The flowers from the bag he took
He handed them to me, in his eyes I looked
He simply sain,"these are for you"
So surprised, I didn't know what to do

As the tears filled my eyes, this stranger became my friend
I smiled at him and knew my life would go on once again
He quietly left, I never saw him again
He quietly left, I'd like to see him again
So I could thank him with all my might
For saving me and being my angel that night

Do you believe in angels? I do...

Copyright2005. tinamargotmusic.all rights reserved

Lyrics tina margot Music tina margot
Producer john fachet, sweetcreek studions, ottsville, pa Performance tina margot, kurt johnston

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