come to my treehouse

Story Behind The Song

my treehouse

Song Length 3:56 Genre Blues - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Come on in and visit me
In my little house in the tree
It's not as big as it could be
But it's big enough for you and me
Come on up, climb the stairs
You can sit in my favorite chair
And I'll make you some tea
You can talk to me
Such good friends we will be

Come visit me
In my treehouse
Come visit me, come visit me, come visit me

Come on in and have some lunch
I always have some good food to munch
We'll get caught up, it's just a hunch
Let's share some stories over lunch
Come on up, I'll fill your plate
I'll sing a song while we wait
And I'll make you some tea
You can count on me
What fun there will be

So, come on over, take some time
A good friend is like fine wine
We'll chat about old times
When we thought things were really fine
Come on in and relax a bit
I won't mind if nap a bit
And I'll make you some tea
You can snuggle with me
Peace for you and me


copyright 2005.tinamargotmusic.all rights reserved.

Lyrics tina margot Music tina margot
Producer john fachet,sweetcreek studios,ottsville, pa Performance tina margot, kurt johnston

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