Thin Slice of Moon

Song Length 3:31 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's a thin slice of moon exposed to the naked eye
To the ruin of us all, we ignore the other side
Spirits hidden behind the bright facade of a lie
The golden goose just laid a broken egg before she died

On a thin slice of moon, craters mark the barren surface
Lost in predictions of our doom, mountains rise in the distance
Investigators search the shallow crust but cannot see
Instigators reach their own conclusions on bended knee

Swollen on the horizon
Suspended on water
Gravity pulls us
And we reject it

On this thin slice of moon, no room exists for the helpless
No more than dust under a broom, swept along with the masses
Isolation can be a bitter pill or saving grace
Deviation is only excused among the wealthy of our race

Swollen on the horizon
Suspended on water
Gravity pulls us
Still we reject it

Some very tasteful guitar....SO GLAD the vocals aren't buried as in too many recordings here!!!!

Lyrics Monteleone Music Monteleone
Producer Monteleone/Machin Performance Monteleone
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