Small Pearls & Tear Tracks

Song Description

Sometimes love is what it is.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Worried Subject Relationship, Marriage
Similar Artists Morrissey, The National Language English


Small Pearls & Tear Tracks

I despise myself
I delude myself
I contain myself,
D'you hear me?

The errors you see,
So ingrained in me
Are the flaws I now disown.

Like a little bird
You lighten my day.
In our own sacred haven
Let's clip our wings and stay.
So tenderly speaking
Just white noise you hear.
No need to doubt me, honey
- my eulogy is clear.
Remember our wood shack, sweetheart?
So cold by the sea.
Yet I know I wound you lover,
Sharp tongue of spite

Small pearls and tear-tracks glisten
Whenever you cry, oh
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
See God's my starring witness
See God's my starring witness, oh
It's true
Nothing's worth it without you,
You see,
You are my reason to be...

My motives, my integrity
You question, you scorn
Hurt you so effortlessley,
Decency shawn.

White beads and thin tears trickle
Whenever you cry, oh
I condemn
I condemn
Condemn myself
See God, how I give witness
See God, how I give witness, oh
It's true
Nothing matters without you,
You see,
You are my reason to be.

© The Shoal Lights 2010

Lyrics © The Shoal Lights 2010 Music © The Shoal Lights 2010
Producer © The Shoal Lights 2010 Publisher © The Shoal Lights 2010
Performance © The Shoal Lights 2010 Label © The Shoal Lights 2010

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