Tuesday's Gone

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - Modern


Tuesday?s Gone but not forgotten
Bit the big apple found out its rotten
Now you?re coming back to say you?ll stay
I?m sorry Baby, it just don?t work that way

Someone mailed me a chain letter
Reading it said I had better
Send it or I?d have a real bad day
It must be true cause when I threw it
The telephone rang and damn I knew it
It was you to say again you?d never stray
I?m sorry baby, it just don?t work that way

And I try to count your lie after lie
And your bad past clouds my vision
Of you and me I just can?t see, I just can?t see

Now I?m all done compromising
It took a while but now I?m realizing
Life without you leads to better days
And I wouldn?t have it any other way
I?m sorry Baby, it just don?t work that way

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