Johnny and George

Story Behind The Song

Needed a song to sing at an anti-Iraq war rally in Lismore in 2003

Song Description

spoof on two politicians, John Howard and George Bush and their chummy relationship involving Blair...hopefully they'll all be out of date soon

Song Length 2:12 Genre Spoken Word - Politics, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Relaxed Subject Government, Boys, Men
Similar Artists Arlo Guthrie, The Beatles Language English
Era 2000 and later


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Johnny and George (c) 2003 Roo Friend APRA

Johnny and George were very good friends you see
George said "Jump!" and Johnny said "fine with me,
if I jump this high will you be my friend?"
George said "Shut up and do it again"
and Johnny said "Fine, the pleasure's all mine,
cos George you are a favourite friend to me"

Johnny had a thorny little bush in his own backyard
that he wanted to train
it couldn't be very hard
but that thorny little bush got outta control and Johnny dug himelf a very big hole
and the hole was deep
and he went to sleep...

and that little shrub took over his backyard

George had a mighty good friend called Scheiffer, Tom
the only thing bigger than his mouth is the head it's on
he was just a little prick on a thorny little bush
till the day came along when he said too much
and he blew up fat like a big balloon
said you're not dancing to our tune
cos we taught Johnny the saxaphoon...

and he's in the marching band with me and George

Johnny likes George and he said to Tony too
"I wish that I was just like George and you...
But when I was young I was very small and when you're a bully you're ten feet tall!
we can push around those little punks
then we'll know that we're the hunks
we're the ones with the real good looks
we'll rewrite them history books
turn em all into barbecued chooks
give em reallyy dirty looks
tell em they're a bunch of crooks
nothing more than silly sooks!"
so Johnny carried on to Geroge and Tone
till he suddenly found himself alone
and he looked around
and he walked back home
but his house was empty
and his wife was gone
and his kids had run up his mobile phone...

and that's what happens if you jump to get your friends

Lyrics Roo Friend Music Roo Friend
Producer Roo Friend Publisher Roo Friend
Performance The Honey Eaters Label Honey Eaters Music

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