She Dead

Song Length 2:47 Genre Pop - Rock
Mood Gloomy Subject Doom, Vegetables


She Dead She Dead

She dead
I know what it's like to be said
I know what it's sad to be is
And you're making a meal of my corpse rent and torn

I bled
As I chewed straight into her head
Even though I'm dead I can bleed
And I'm making a meal of her corpse rent and torn


She dead
Could no longer stand so I fed
I fed so, so, so, so, long
She was my chew toy
Everything I bite-Everything I bite

I dead
Viscera flowing out my nose
From this mortal coil you will leave
Cause I'm making a meal of your corpse rent and torn



Lyrics Jaw Nlennon, Pall Ickartney Music The Zombeatles
Producer BUB Publisher Beeftone Music BMI
Performance The Zombeatles Label Beeftone Records

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