Hey Food

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Psychedelic
Subject Meat, Fat


Hey food- I need you bad
Just like King Kong don't need a sweater
Remember that when I'm eating your heart
I'll rip you apart to eat you better

Hey food-Don't be afraid
I have found you, now you're my dinner
Remember that when I'm eating your skin
Is where I'll begin to eat you better
And anytime you feel the pain

Hey food your brain will serve healthy appetizer
And don't forget the golden rule
Hey food, you fool, you're more tender with some tenderizer
Na na na na na na
Blah glah glah ahhhhhhhhh

Hey food-don't take it bad
Now I've found you -I'm going to eat you
Remember that when I'm eating your skin
Is when I'll begin to eat you better

So let it out I'll take it in
Hey food begin to be my culinary delight
Don't you know that it's just you
Hey food you'll do nicely as my sole repast tonight

Na na na na, Blah glah glah ahhhhh


Lyrics Jaw Nlennon, Pall Ickartney Music The Zombeatles
Producer BUB and GODXILLA Publisher Beeftone Music BMI
Performance The Zombeatles Label Beeftone Records

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