I'll Stand Alone

Story Behind The Song

Fatherhood brought about some profound and unexpected changes. One of them was how protective I found myself after the birth of my first son. I am not in anyway an alpha male type but found myself like a male lion overlooking the pride after the birth of a young cub. You also begin to worry about their future and what morals they will have,particularly in a society where the divide between the haves and the have nots is increasing. The song is trying to give direction from a father to son that regardless of what happens you should also base yourself around empathy and kindness of spirit. And if you do I will always be there for you... The lyrics were based around 'somewhere in the city as the millions queue for bread'. It was inspired by a former colleague's visit to New York. I've never been to NY but those I know who have said it is a fantastic city so I was somewhat surprised when he said he hated it. It 'was an affront to his socialist principles' that a city that had so much wealth had so much poverty and said that 20% of the population's sole source of income were from soup kitchens.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Son, Capitalism Language English


I'll Stand Alone

Somewhere in the city
As the millions queue for bread
All around you they lose their reason
But you keep your head
And if you ever stop to wonder
And they tell you not to care
Be strong my son, don't worry
For I am always there

I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone
I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone, I'll stand alone
I'll stand alone

Somewhere in the city
Stalks the angel of death
And she feeds on every sinner
Who lies with every breath
And if the light is often hidden
It's there for you to see
And my son, I will fight
For your right to liberty


And if they ever try to hurt you
They'll know not what they've done
For Hell will hath no fury
Like the wrath from me, my son
And I will always love you
And you'll always be my son


Lyrics Scott Crawford Music Scott Crawford
Producer Stuart MacLeod Performance The Cut Throat Razors

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