Epitaph for the Broken-Hearted

Song Length 4:46 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Say what you want, you keep lying through your teeth
track one, press play. It'll show you how I feel
and I'll been smiling someday reading your obituary
when I see there's not a single word about me...

The ride back from your house; so long to get back home
'cause when I get there, I can call you on the phone
and while I'm listening to all the things we have in common
it reminds me just how much I hate you...

I'll go faster than I should, a car-crash now could feel so good
I'll finally get you off my mind...

I could cry, but it won't help. 'Cause no one's listening

This song now is all I have, a tribute to the life we've had
an epitaph for the broken-hearted...

I could cry, but it won't help. 'Cause no one's listening
as the chorus rises I sing louder to myself

One more song I chose to write about you
maybe this time I'll finally get you out
while I'm hearing all the stories they are saying about you
I know you're doing it to get back at me

Stay what you are and save the day....

Lyrics Sam Famolaro Music Coersion
Performance Coersion

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