Wrong Direction

Story Behind The Song

During a period of my life when I felt I'd messed up beyond hope, I realized that I could indeed be restored, and that I could let God use even this for good.

Song Description

Giving advice and hope to someone who's made mistakes and feels they can't make things right again. This song was updated January 2014: Billy Bacon played bass on this version and it was recorded at Huckadoodle Studio with Zack Huckabee. Rearranged a bit

Song Length 3:25 Genre Blues - Modern, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Gracious Subject Hope, Spirituality
Similar Artists The Stray Cats Language English
Era 2000 and later


I know that times are changing
There's nothing I can do to keep this monster from
Closing in on you
Fear comes 'round
Doubles up its fist
Though you know the danger in giving in
It's got you down for the count

And I know you know the truth
But the dark is sneaky and it speaks so smooth
You should have run when you had some traction
Now you're sliding in the
Wrong Direction

Every word you read and everything you said
Every thought you thought you'd captured
Went running free
It wouldn't be so bad, it wouldn't hurt like mad
If they hadn't turned on their master and
Bit the hand that fed

Repeat chorus

Don't let one misstep
Turn into a dance with death
Someone's waiting to catch you
And stand you up and fight the fight for you

Full speed ahead on your hands and knees
Crawling off to lick your wounds and hide again
And hope that no one sees
Still there's something good that can come of this
You understand firsthand
The grace and tenderness of
Love that forgives

Repeat chorus

Really great track....great vocal.......excellent chorus.......great fiddle.......

Lyrics Julie Taylor Music Julie Taylor
Producer Virgil & Julie Taylor, Chris White Performance Kyle Thompson-drums, Billy Bacon-bass, Julie Taylor-guitar, Wayne Hunt-guitar; Joe Morales & Roy Thomas: horns
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