Time To Move

Song Length 4:21 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Breaking Up Language English
Era 2000 and later


I see you in the supermarket, i pass you out on the street
You're drivin by my house late at night, and you're hangin' out of your front seat
The letters you've been writin' well they all have a certain refrain
But i don't like the idea of you cuttin' out my brain

Quit cuttin' out my brain...
So i think it's time to move

Yeah i think its time to move
Hail a cab or board a train
Take my thumb out of my fist and go
Hitchhikin' in the rain

You know you used to just amuse me, i thought your quirks were a kick
Until i found that you spiked my drink with a bottle of arsenic
You told me that you loved me once and i answered you with a tease, Now i'm lucky if i can leave home without calling the police

I'm callin the police...
So i think it's time to move


If i admit that i'm afraid of you, will you let me go in peace?
Well i hope it's not to rest chopped up in your leather and gold valise
There's something about a failed romance that ends with somebody on the run
I think it's better for the both of us if i slip quitely away, into the setting sun...


Lyrics james campion Music peter blasevick
Performance all instruments: tasty reckless, lead vocals: angela esposito, additional vocals: adam demarzo and tasty reckless

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