Story Behind The Song

A song about Sydney's Newtown

Song Description

Cool lo-fi song about Sydney's Newtown from the point of view of a bunch of young groovers

Song Length 3:48 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Pop - Electro
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Town, Village, General
Similar Artists No-one Language English
Era 2000 and later


First we take the train to Newtown,
paint our faces, let our hair down
then we fly
hit the streets in tight formation
trying our best moves on every passer by.
Every door is filled with laughter
and its promise spills like
moonlight on the street
buying things we never needed
all the warnings go unheeded
words they flow like virtual raindrops

We are on a strange vacation
tagging walls near Newtown Station
marking time
wondering if we will ever
leave a mark that lasts forever
down the line
waiting on what night will bring
as one by one we start to sing our
victory song
searching for some hidden meaning
in the old lamppost that's leaning
like a tired friend at midnight

Birds are nesting in the treetops by the school
All the kids are cruising King Street acting coll
old men i the local hotel playing pool
Everywhere you look this place just
seems like heaven

Dancing in a bar in Newtown, wearing boots and matching ballgown
feeling fine,
this place is intoxicating,
we're all getting high on life and
cheap red wine.
Though we've all got homes to go to
we are always very slow toleave this place.
We'll be back again tomorrow
if we have to beg, steal, borrow
we'll return to sing a new song


Lyrics Tim Channon Music Tim Channon
Producer Tim and Adelaide Channon Performance Adelaide Channon and Swift Timmy

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