My Friend Casey

Song Description

A man secretly loves a prostitute but cannot handle her demons.

Song Length 4:30 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject Prostitution, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Language English Era 2000 and later


Sayin' her life didn't mean a thing she
Sucked her gin and tonic down
Slammed her empty glass with her empty dreams on the
Empty bar
Every Tuesday night at the Malibu
We'd be the last to leave when the clock struck two
Sometimes together --more often not
If she could find another boy to try to fill
That lonely spot
Then she'd wave goodbye slippin' into the night
Drivin' home I'd be prayin' she'd be all right

See, my friend Casey (With the heart of gold)
My friend Casey (Such a beautiful soul)
Was the best thing in my life

Callin' in the morning she'd apologize
For leavin' me alone then she'd sigh and say
Guess she'd never learn would she ever get
It right?
And I'd climb into my pick up truck
Headin' one more place to pick her up
Sometimes familiar --too often not
Then we'd stop to grab a bite -and give it
All we'd got
Force a laugh -keep the subject light
When she'd start to cry - I'd hold her tight

'cause My friend Casey (With the heart of gold)
My friend Casey (Such a beautiful soul)
Was the best thing in my life

I never asked her to explain
She'd tell me bits and pieces:
Things no dad should ever do
When a mother looked away-
Wipin' a tear she'd say:
"Guess I forgive him
I can't carry that hate and keep on livin'
Drinking helps- sometimes
It stops the pain."

Casey split- left no goodbyes
Just some rumor still multiplyin'
'Bout a wild girl with a wild life in a
Quiet town
And the good old boys cheatin' on their wives
Keep her memory livin' in the stalls of local dives
I keep her smile tucked in my heart
But her picture cannot share my dreams or fill this
Lonely spot
When she told me that she loved me I just couldn't find
How to stop her ghosts -from haunting my mind

So I never told
My friend Casey (With the heart of gold)
My friend Casey (Such a beautiful soul)
She was the best thing in my life

I couldn't tell
My friend Casey
My friend Casey
She was the best thing in my life

I wish I told
My friend Casey, my friend Casey she was the best thing in my life

Lyrics Susan Witzel Music Richard Schonthal
Producer Chip Martin Produced and Arranged Performance Chip Martin
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