Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Song Length 5:14 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Failure, General
Similar Artists Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G. Language English
Era 2000 and later


If I coulda woulda shoulda
That?s what folks always say
If I coulda woulda should
And it?s always too late (repeat)

I know I probably should have seen the signs
But homie I was on my grind
Money on my mind
Shit, you said it all the time
Who am I to tell another man how to handle his shit?
Let alone how to handle his bitch?
I wish I admit
But I got habits of a pimp
And speaking logically, it probably wouldn?t have made sense
I don?t know if God respects it but for you this a repent
For wanting to take his own life is quite a questionable event
In the event that God forgave you
Or Jesus Christ save you
I?m putting this on record so the whole world can thank you
Cause you the one that told me, ?Slim, never bite my tongue
I don?t and I won?t until the day that kingdom comes?
We used to roll the city
Gettin? money, quoting Biggie
You wasn?t the king of New York but you help court in Philly
Ant and Fat Mont Slim, they still getting bread
I told them what had happened and this is what them niggas said


I saw him hitting rock bottom once that gangsta lean got him
Nothing I could do once they could stop him
The streets got to him, a bad influence
To have to watch his moms go through it
So really he should know not to do it
But every man?s got his demons that he needs to suppress
Too bad he didn?t believe in the sess
Or maybe he just needed something stronger to relieve him from stress
Either way it goes it left him a mess
And now I?m feeling depressed
Like I coulda woulda shoulda done something
But I was young compared to him
I ain?t done nothing
But yet and still I feel I really should have done something
He was shooting dope at a time when I was duck hunting
I?d be fronting if I said I knew his struggle
Walked dogs in his boots or had to deal with his troubles
Learned a couple things in the hustle now that I?m older
And this my way of lending a shoulder or moving his boulders


If I had known that I was about to take the ride of my life
I would have stayed at the crib that night
I wouldn?t have took that flight
I wouldn?t have looked up my homie from the ?A?
And told him what I was doing that day
I should have just laid up with my bottom
Spent some quality time
But once again, I was stuck on my grind
Never thought about a head on collision interrupting my rhyme
God?s way to let me know that I?m on company time?That all?
Keep it moving like it ain?t nothing to it
We all got to do it
Even righteous minds go through it
You learn to live with regrets
Gain a greater respect for life despite the fact you almost checked out
But check it out
Ain?t that what it?s all about?
You live to die
In the meanwhile you get a slice of pie
Take the good and the bad
Add the happy with the sad
When you mix it all together you get the remnants of the past
At last?


Lyrics DonCarlos Price Music DonCarlos Price; Darren Mooney
Producer Darren Mooney Publisher M. Semaji, LLC
Performance M. Semaji, LLC Label M. Semaji, LLC
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