Why Can't I Have You Little Bit More?

Story Behind The Song

I came up with this idea when I just remembered about the story when two people loved each other just couldn't be together. The chorus came first on my mind and I just wrote it down and it just took less than an hour to accomplish the song. It's really a sad song with meaningful lyrics.

Song Description

It's a kind of cliche heart-breaking story about a couple loved each other but the destiny just didn't pair them up to be together forever. Even though they knew how it would end up, as they couldn't hide their real feeling anymore, they just started the relationship out. The woman "stole" the man from his fiance for a while until the day the man gets married with his fiance. When the wedding day was getting closer ~which meant their time was almost end as well, the woman just struggle hard to stay poised and put fake smile on her face, assured the man to leave her with no regret. But, actually, deep inside her heart, the woman questioned: Why I can't have you little bit more?

Song Length 3:28 Genre R & B - General, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Miserable, Heartbreaking Subject Sorrow, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey Language English
Era 2000 and later



Shouldn't we ever start it out?
Since I knew you're not mine
But seemed we didn't give a damn
Though I must steal you for a while

We both knew how it would end up
But ego seemed speak more
And when our time's close to the end
Don't say sorry nor hugging me

Cant blaming you for being so sweet
Just blame myself for love you so deep
Though I pretend that I will just be fine
Deep inside my heart I find
There's part of me still won't let you go
Want cling on you like's no tomorrow
In the silence I whisper hope you know
Why can't I have you little bit more?

Struggle hard to bear pain
Hope my tears lost in the rain
Put fake smile on my face
Hope you buy all my pretenses
Leaving me with no regret
Coz all things, all things were my fault


Lyrics Stephanie Amelia Christanto Music Stephanie Amelia Christanto
Producer Stephanie Amelia Christanto Performance Shandy Eugene

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