01. Lonely In A Crowd

Song Description

...painting images of universal feeling of loneliness within a crowd. inspired by Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now"

Song Length 4:22 Genre Country - Contemporary, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Loneliness, Existence
Similar Artists Lady Antebellum, Coldplay Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lonely In A Crowd
© 2012 Starburst Music Publishing, LLC & Nery Bauer

People all around, but no one means a thing
A wall of silent sounds cannot drown my memories
I'm solo now, floating now, I'll never be the same
Surrounded by humanity, driving me insane

So lonely in this crowd without you
Lonely in this crowd without you
Now that I've lost the one who held the key that opened up my heart
I wander through eternity a prisoner in the dark

What happened to our dreams that made us feel alive?
Broken expectations have all turned into painful lies
The tenderness, your warm caress, our bodies intertwined
Now tangled in my own regret of the love we left behind

(repeat first chorus)

(instrumental bridge)

Now that I've lost the one who held the key that opened up my heart
I wander in this tragedy that's ripped my world apart
Lonely in this crowd without you
Lonely in this crowd without you
Lonely, Lonely, Lonely....so lonely
So lonely in this crowd without you
Without you

Awesome job ! The song is powerful and emotionally compelling.
The vocal performance is particularly strong ! The music is well recorded and sounds like a "radio ready" mix to my ears !

Awesome song. It's great to hear a song that has today's sound without sounding too rockish, like a lot of today's country has. This song has the right balance of country and rock, that I like.
Great instrumentation, and great vocalist.


Jumps right out, well done. You guys have been doing this a while! This one is a keeper, best of luck with it! Leaves me wanting to hear more.

Love the beat, great vocal, arrangement and instrumentation. Great song.

Hooked from the first guitar bend. Felt like I was at a Lady Antebellum concert from the first bar of this song! This is really well done. Ha! The chorus shouts Lady Antebellum even louder - which is never a bad thing! This song is ready, man. Lyric, hook, production, arrangement... top notch. Would like to hear more of your music!

Great song...

Great vocal & melody. Good song structure. Well-crafted lyrics. Fine recording, musicianship and arrangement. Nice meld of melody and lyrics. Great hook. Well done.

The song has a good musical arrangement and lyrics. I liked the instrumentation and vocal presentation. I enjoyed listening. The song was well arranged and lyrically attention getting. I can see this song being a marketable song.

Very solid.

Like the haunting vibe of this melody...
Bright enough to stay away from "dark".
Lonely in this crowd....great hook line!
Like the instrumental break...(bridge)
Just a cool piece!!!

Lyrics Starburst Music Publishing, LLC Music Bauer/Starburst
Producer Rick Chudacoff Publisher Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
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