My Brain Hurts

Song Length 7:40 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


No plan to abbreviate your contribution it was something to be witnessed by us mere mortals barely functioning barely able to connect the dots I am straining can I fake it is the question I am asking

No plan to legitimize your weak solution you did bore me you're a trophy one of self-importance barely functioning in an arena built to praise the gods of nothing the occupation spits infection of religion

Still I'm spilling blood for your sins

No plan to be the narrative of meglamania so kill me to be delivered by a ringing shot into history to be remembered with a smile and a tear of irony I wish I taken you to task not so silently

It comforts and shapes me this will define me now there's no escaping approaching the reef strung to the bow

Lyrics Ted Hamelin Music Ted Hamelin
Producer Ted Hamelin Publisher HCI Records
Label HCI Records
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