Past The Tracks

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English



I?ve been through damn near every town
From Calgary to San Antone?
?Ive broken damn near every bone,
Been to long away from home
I?ve been thrown so many times
It?s a wonder I?m alive
And when this game is done with me
There?s only one way I?ll survive


Past the tracks, third house on the right
That?s where I can be found
Past the tracks, third house on the right
Is the only woman?s who?s stuck around
Past the tracks, third house on the right
That?s where I?m gonna be


This game has cost me to damn much
But then I?m not alone I guess it?s just the life I chose, But now it?s time I?m headin home
So I?m heading out tomorrow night
That?s if I?m still alive
Back to that gal that keeps me strong, She?s the reason I?ll survive

Repeat Chorus


I?ll be heading out next week,
Headin? for another Town
Trying once again to be
The one they can?t put down
But win or lose I know for sure
That woman?s there for me
And I?ll be heading back again
To the place where I should be

Repeat Chorus


Headin? home and past the tracks
The only woman who?s stood by me
Headin? home and past the tracks
Is where I?m gonna be
Yes past the tracks, third house on the right
Headin? home at last for me

(c) 2006 Mike Russell and Richard M. Brown

Richard Brown
5001 Bay Rd.,
Unit C1
Birch Bay, WA

phone 360-371-3459

Lyrics Mike Russell Music Richard Melvin Brown
Producer Richard Melvin Brown Performance Richard Melvin Brown

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