Winter Storm

Song Length 4:40 Genre Classical - Classical, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90)

This tune has an underlying sadness to it particularly at the beginning and I liked all the different instrumentation in it. It has a nice build up to a climax quite early on. The overall ambience was emotional with a gentleness and then a big build up to the more dramatic section. I like the piano sound and the main tune.

Catchy atmospheric intro. This piece really build nicely and the I love the timpani and cymbal crashes.

Could be a movie soundtrack of some kind, no doubt about it!
I could swear I've heard this song before. This old piano teacher cant hear quite as well but my memory is still lazer sharp.

Beautiful composition; nice buildup leading to ~3:50

This entire instrumental was well put together. This is the type of play you would hope to hear when going to see an orchestra play.

I liked the melody... it stuck in my head which is a good thing. I also like how you slowly built the piece instead of putting everything in in it out of the gate

Very well put together has all the dramatics and makings of a well classical piece keep up the good work

Music Rocky Larson Producer Rocky Larson
Publisher SOngheart Productions
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Ronald Arduini Great Arrangement 10/1/2017
Ronald Arduini Soundtracks 10/1/2017

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