Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - Rock



It's nice to be the center of attention
When every word you speak is solid gold
Spreading all your wisdom to the masses
God it must be fun to be so bold
It's obvious that you are something special
At least that's what I've always heard you say

You're a Diva
A scene stealer
Always center stage and bathed in light
You're a Diva
So hard to please ya
When everything is wrong, you're always right

If your fashion doesn't win them over
Remember to display your dazzling smile
When all your wit and charms just seem to fail you
A well timed teardrop always is in style
Make them think that you're so sweet and willing
As you press the knife against their backs


Constantly aware of competition
Always careful not to be outdone
The trick is to persuade them to adore you
While always looking out for number one
Stepping on the souls of those beneath you
Climbing up that ladder to the top


Lyrics Steve Ritter and Don Townsley Music Steve Ritter and Don Townsley
Producer Steve Ritter and Don Townsley Publisher Rittown
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