The Drug I Saw on TV

Story Behind The Song

Written to submit to a documentary about drug advertising etc. We'll see how it goes.

Song Description

A song about direct drug advertising to the public.

Song Length 2:59 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Subject Television


I Want The Drug I Saw On TV

verse 1
Last night I was feeling alright
And I was watching a tv show
A man came on commercial
said there's something I oughta know

verse 2
Well I could have some condition
I might have some disease
He said I should ask my doctor
If his drug was right for me

I want the drug, I want the drug, I want the drug, I want the drug I saw on TV

Verse 3
Well my joints are sore and swollen
and my legs do move at night
and I'm worried about my colon
and Im thinking this guy is right


verse 4
Well I don't want to watch my diet
and I don't want to exercize
If I take this pill with water
They'll cut me down to size

verse 5
So I went down to see my doctor
To get me a piece of the pie
but the doctor couldn't see me
he was out with the TV guy

chorus and out

Lyrics Michael Reeves Music Michael Reeves
Producer Michael Reeves Publisher Michael Reeves
Performance Michael Reeves/Jerry Brawn Label none
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