Song Description

sexy song for girl group (two lips)

Song Length 3:00 Genre R & B - Contemporary


If you need a shrinking violet, I?m not the gal for you
If you?d like a rose then I suppose, I?ll never do
If you want somebody to kiss you
Kiss you through and through
I?ve got tulips, tulips, tulips for you

If you want a common flower, then daisy will do fine
I won?t wilt when you touch me, I won?t fall off the vine
Forget that hot house number, I?ve got follow through
I?ve got tulips, tulips, tulips for you

hanging in the hot house, swingin? on your vine
why don?t you touch my tulips, I?ll make you feel fine
checking out your pistil, no need to contemplate
ring around the poesy. it?s time to pollinate
drinkin sweet nectar and lying in the sun
we don?t no busy bees cause we?re havin? so much fun
don?t be checkin out that sunflower, cradling? that sweetpea
no dandelion can possibly compare to me
cause I?m not a gilded Lilly so high she can?t get down
or a chickweed gone to seed and so kicked around yeah
no I?m a passion flower that blooms her whole life through
so come on over here cause I got tulips for you

I want to get it right, I want to hold you tight
flower power ,soul to soul
flower power, I?ll unfold
flower power, plant the seed
flower power, I got what you need

Lyrics K.A. Parker, Kelly Money Maker, Shandi Music Shandi, Kym Bullard, Kelly Moneymaker, Michelle Rundgren

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