Something I'm Missing

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song when I was confused on what to do to make the next best career move. sadly I thoght I had to pack up and go to hollywood, but I couldnt do it the road trip convince me I can do it with my family by my side with there strength and confide

Song Description

I was looking out my window as thinking of leaving long story by the book! :)

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Still Language English


I woke up this morning , and you were by my side,
I woke and smiled , you said babe whatÂ?s on your mind,
DidnÂ?t have to tell you , you can see it in my eyes.
Is there something that IÂ?m missing?
Is there someplace I should be?
I spent my whole life dreaming , thereÂ?s never time for me.

Looking out my window, as my baby drive away,
I poured myself some coffee, and I began to plan my day,
I took the kids to grandmas and I began to drive away.

Chorus 2 times

Looking out my window, as little Joey cries bye bye,
ItÂ?s really hurt to do this , but ya know IÂ?ve got to try.
Chorus 2times

Yes thereÂ?s something that IÂ?m missing yes there someplace I should be,
All my dreams arenÂ?t worth dreaming ,without my family!.

Looking out my window with my family by my side.

w/m Sassy lee

Quite outstanding work. She has the pipes, the inflections, the timbre. Everything is working. It actually has a country western feel to it. Regardless of the genre everything is working including the arrangement and the instrumentation. The only difficulty that I had was trying to determine the name of the song. It could have been three different things, but it is very well done. Keep rocking!

Lyrics sassy lee Music Debra Lee Hamilton
Producer james landcaster Publisher library of congress
Performance sassy lee Label na

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