Our Town

Story Behind The Song

Every year in Pennsylvania growing up our friends would throw a huge memorial day picnic and invite all of the neighbors. It was a huge event in our town, lots of picnic food and grillin and deep fryin and roastin meat on the spit. We had drinks and friends and fires and a long night of extremely entertaining karoakers! Every year all of the neighbors except for one would come and they would always call the police at the end of the sound ordinance hour. The police would come, pull in the driveway put their lights on like they had come to shut us down, but they would just come up and have a plate and a beer with us. Good times in small town PA! Also, a little funny is that our local priest was always in attendence ( what a cool guy ) . This song is basically a reflection of the memory of so many years of the picnic and how people come together for a good time from all walks.

Song Description

Fun mid tempo song about good times with old friends and new friends, and the sweet simplicities of life in "our town"

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - Contemporary


Winter's been pretty
But I'm a summer
Girl In my heart
Been workin' all year
And I am ready for the fun to start

I love the nights that we
Go out dancin'
Or just hang out on the porch out back
Round up the crew and make it happen
Hold nothing back

Cause there's nothin' like a starry night
On a sunday in the summertime
As the fire lights up the faces
Of people that you've known
For years and kids who've got
Years to grow
Turkey roastin' on the spit
You'll never get enough of it
So keep on drinkin' beers all afternoon
Until the cops come, then
They'll have one too.
It's what we do, in our town.

Preacher downtown ain't gotta worry
When he's hangin with us
He throws em back just as good as any
We ain't ones to judge

Prepare for times when you'll make those stories
That you'll tell when you're old and grey
In our levi's and faded glory's
Ain't no other way


So grab some food and your best friends
And take the trail into the trees
Your compass is the open sky
Follow the light of the fire thats all you'll need.


Lyrics Charlee Brooks / David Arkenstone Music David Arkenstone / Charlee Brooks

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