Written in the Sky

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don't take it all too seriously

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


thinking about all the time we've waisted
thinking about all the time we faced it
this ambition kinda hard to find

cooling, chilling in the back yard
doing nothing, under the spell of it's charm
I'm just sitting here watching the clouds go by

If you know what you're looking for
it's only a toast away
if you know where to look it's easy
written in the sky today

busy people with their busy lives
time is an illusion, like love is hard to find
it's every where if you're lucky enough to know it

I don't want no have to's
I don't want no breakthroughs
I don't want no deadlines killing me
I don't want no strangers telling me who I am

Lyrics sam whitmire Music sam whitmire
Producer sam whitmire Performance sam whitmire
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