I'LL DO ANYTHING (song demo)

Song Description

the virtues of laziness

Song Length 3:02 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Comedy, Funny, Party
Similar Artists Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith Language English


music and words by Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper © 2010

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There's a hundred honey-do notes pasted on the fridge,
Every time I go for a beer, I see more things I didn't did,
When an old one falls to the floor,
New ones appear on the door.
My only occupation,
Is full-time recreation.

I'll do anything as long as I don't have to do anything,
Nothing is the thing I love accomplishing,
Long as I don't have to do anything.

Years ago, I once tried to change a bulb in a lamp,
I was shocked to find out it hurts to take fifteen amps,
From that day on, I shut down,
Now I'm Mr. Nowhere Around.
Oh, Baby, I'd be willin',
But I'm way too busy chillin'.

Repeat chorus

Builders build, truckers truck and hustlers were born to hustle,
If you need to go get a real go-getter, I'll be right here, 'cause I ain't movin' a muscle.

Repeat regular chorus

Vamp on repeated chorus with background vocal singing "I don't wanna work."

I don't wanna work. (4 x - then fade)

This is a real summer song! It makes me happy and I love the playful lyrics. Sun, sand, sea and a few lagers and a good song on the radio that I want to listen to. That's all I need. I don't need ANYTHING else.

Clever song with toe tapping appeal and a catchy hook. Great demo, well produced and preformed.

Great upbeat country song! Love the caribbean type of feel to it:) great vocals! Funny lyrics" I'll do anything as long as I don't do anything"!! This guy obviously isn't looking for a wife! Lol....cause she wouldn't put up with him not doing" anything!! LOL

so good i played it twice!! then i listened twice more!! great hook, it got me singing first time round and that's what hit songs do!

Great song! Wonderful well-crafted lyrics that are conversational, contain vivid imagery, & maintain a solid rhyme scheme without sacrificing mean. Great hook line in the chorus with nice opposites. Nice, pleasant, upbeat melody with an uplifting feel. Great vocal and instrumental performances. Good arrangement and recording. A marketable song. I could see this getting a label cut. Great job.

"I didn't did"...great line:-). very clever, humorous lyrics. well done. its a hit!

Cool lyrics, catchy song! I really like the ending where it repeats. I can imagine Kenny Chesney singing this song.

Lyrics Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper Music Chris Gantry, Jon Roniger and Sam Cooper
Producer Jon Roniger Publisher Studio 33/Chris Gantry Music, Roniger Music Publishing, Jericat Music
Performance demo musicians
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