Trailer Park Cinderella

Story Behind The Song

I thought of this song when I passed by a trailer park and saw a stunningly beautiful young lady standing outside of a trailer.

Song Description

Cindy spends her time watching the kids while her step-sisters go out and party. She stares out the window and dreams of her price coming to save her from her misery.

Song Length 5:08 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Adorable, Charming Subject Searching for Love, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts Language English
Era 2000 and later


Poor little Cindy - she's starin' out the window
wishin' on a star
Thinkin' of a boy - deep down in her heart
She's dreamed his face a thousand times
she's waitin' for the day - he'll whisk her heart away
when he rides up on his big white steed
her heart will be fulfilled
their love will last until
the stars and heaven cease to be

She's a - trailer park Cinderella
dreamin' of a fella
while her stepsisters go - to the dance again
She'll be stuck at home all night long
a watchin' all the kids
wonderin' when her fairy tale - will begin

She's a - trailer park Cinderella - with nowhere to go
and nothin' but her dreams - her life's on hold
A trailer park Cinderella - for all she knows
her prince might just be waitin' - right outside her door

One rainy night - there's a knock upon her door
A tall young fella - standing on the porch
He said "excuse me ma'am
my truck broke down just up the road
If it ain't too much trouble - could I use your phone?"

She's a trailer park Cinderella - for all she knows
this might be her prince - standin' at her door
A trailer park Cinderella - her life unfolds
there'll be no more waitin' - out in the cold


He looked into her eyes - she into his
and at that very moment - shared their first kiss
No more trailer park Cinderella - and there they go
to a castle in the stars - as their dreams unfold

Trailer park Cinderella
Trailer park Cinderella
Trailer park Cinderella
Trailer park Cinderella
Poor little Cindy - she's starin' out the window
She's wishin' on a star

Lyrics Roger Russell and James Pappas Music James Pappas, Roger Russell and Kim Copeland Productions
Producer Kim Kopeland Productions Publisher Roger Russell
Performance Kim Copeland Productions

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