One Way Love

Story Behind The Song

We all find ourselves in one of these situations once in a while. We love someone that just uses us for their own pleasure.

Song Description

A man is caught in a situation where he fell in love with someone that cannot return his love. She is basically so stuck on herself that she does not have room for another in her life. She pulls him out periodically just to play with his heart like a red rubber ball

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - General, Country - Rockabilly
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Miserable, Cheerless Subject Heartbreak, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson Language English
Era 2000 and later



When I fell for you
My heart skipped a beat
Soared a thousand feet
I could barely breath

When I learned the truth
My heart skipped a beat
fell a thousand feet
Shattered on the street
With my picture of you
Let me know when you're done
Playin' with my heart
It must be fun for you
'Cause you know there's nothing I van do

When you look in my eyes
I get all wound up like a doll that cries
When you pull the string
Maybe some day I'll come to you
I went the wrong way, on a one way love with you
I'm so innocent
Like a big parade
on a summers day
goin' out to play

Not played with
I'm your rubber ball
Bounce me off the wall
When you're done
Toss me under the bed
Find me the strength to make my escape
Free me from the spell of you

Lyrics Roger Russell and Joe Milton Music Joe Milton and Roger Russell
Producer Roger Russell and Joe Milton Publisher Roger Russell Music
Performance Joe Milton Label Roger Russell Music

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