Dark World

Story Behind The Song

Passengers on a ship were promised treasure, but they are sailing into a storm where they will meet their demise. This is so typical of the bad leadership today

Song Description

A song about fear and impending loss. The captain of the ship cannot possibly admit he is wrong and turn back from the storm. He squanders all hope.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Doom, Fear
Similar Artists Billy Joel, Eric Clapton Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dark World

Set sail one day with a promise of treasure
Souls at the mercy of the captain's pleasure
We were singing Francis Scott Key's carol
When the watchman warned of impending peril
Dark world, what can we do?
Dark world, where is the truth?
The waves grew larger and the ship was tossed
We asked to change course before hope was lost
The Captain ignored the cries of the masses
So he locked them below to divide the classes
This fool of a captain has sealed our fates
He's binding the hands of his mutinous mates
The screams of the few have drowned out the many
Those praying for mercy will never find any
Where is the truth?
We're no longer living in the land of plenty
They're giving it away, soon we won't have any

Lyrics Roger Russell, Robin Willis, Alexandre Gorodiscas, and Kevin Moore Music Kevin Moore,Roger Russell, and Alexandre Gorodiscas
Producer Roger Russell Publisher Roger Russell Music
Performance Robin Willis, Kevin Moore, Roger Russell, and Alexandre Gorodoscas Label Roger Russell Music

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