Story Behind The Song

A local hotrod car show asked me to produce an EP with a few original songs about cars. One of the co-lyricists, Wally Hild, is a part of the car club, and a serious old car buff.

Song Description

Fifties-style fast-paced track about true man-car love...

Song Length 3:14 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Cars


I remember back in ?62 when I first heard the song
Mike Love was singin? ?She?s Real Fine?, and I would sing along
My spirits soared, my soul caught fire and I knew I?d make her mine
The day I put her to the floor ? my thundering 409 - she?s real fine

She looked so sweet and sexy when I saw her at the show
Her curves were smooth; a sleek physique, just begging for a go
I walked right up to her; I had to have her by my side
And ever since that moment, she?s the only girl I ride ? my 409 - she?s real fine
(Gimme back, gimme back my 409)

Well you can drive your brand new Nissan off a 5-mile high cliff
Ride your Hyundai Pony into a great big deep dark ditch
I don?t want your front wheel drive or your ABS front brakes
No S-U-V or H-E-I, no modern high-tech tricks

Don?t need your rack and pinion, anti-roll or torsion ride
T-P-I induction or that comfort deep inside, and
I don?t care for A-C, power windows, brakes or cruise control
In my plain-Jane Biscayne 409, I?ll show you rock and roll

Just give me my old Chevrolet, the one that is so fine
I?ll take her through the gears again and race her one more time
On the quarter mile against the Fords, the Hemi in the Dodge
The GTO and Bonneville, the Mustang and the rods, she?s real fine - my 409
(Gimme back, gimme back my 409)

With screaming tires, and wailing gears, we streak into the sun
My 409 has ripped its way to another winning run.

Lyrics R. Dewar, A. Dewar, W. Hild Music Robert Dewar
Producer Robert Dewar Performance Roland Krauer - Lead Vocals
Label Canz

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