Stolen Moments

Story Behind The Song

My beautiful wife Sherrie and I wanted to write a song about finding time to be with the one you love while working several jobs. This is still a constant struggle for us. She works 8-5, I work from home making music, many different ways. Often when she comes home, I'm on the way out the door. Or vice versa. She challenged me to write a song and challenged her. She wrote a cute uptempo pop/country song by the same name with clever and fun lyrics, but we are still trying to find a female singer to demo it.

Song Description

A song about two people in love (or married as well) trying to find time to be together. They work several jobs and still don't have enough money or time to see one another or get away together. But, the promise of the song comes in the second verse and bridge as to why they will overcome this, and while that day comes, they appreciate the little 'stolen moments' they spend together in the meantime.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Country - General, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Pleasant Subject General, Conformity
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later


STOLEN MOMENTSĀ© Copyright 2014 Rob Satori (Robert J. Sartore) and Sherrie E. Sartore
C2 C / Am11 Am7
Wakin' up just to kiss goodbye,
Dm9 / G13 G7 /
Say hello, 'n then Goodnight
F#m7 Am7/C / A7-9 / Dm7 / Gsus7
We're like two ships that pass, and time goes too fast
C2 C / Am11 Am7
Punch the clock from 9 to 5
Dm9 / G13 G7 /
And then again from six to ten
F#m7 Am7/C / A7-9 / Dm7 / Gsus7-9
Just a minute to phone, babe, I wanna come home
C G(4) / F / Am Am7/G / F#m7-5 /
Then you kiss me ... and you hold me tight
C/G / F Fm6 / C G(4) / F / C G4 / F /
Stolen Moments make ev' - ry - thing right.
C2 C / Am11 Am7
The weekend feels like miles away
Dm9 / G13 G7 /
But I promise you we'll steal away
F#m7 Am7/C / A7 / Dm7 / Gsus7-9
For more than just a minute, but a lifetime (forever) with you
C G(4) / F / Am Am7/G / F#m7-5
Then you kiss me. . . and you hold me...tight
C/G /(G) / F Fm6 / C C/E
Stolen Moments with you by my side

F / F/G / Em7 / A7 /
It's so damn hard when the money don't go very far,
Dm7 / Dm7/G / C / C/E /
but we'll steal away ...anyway.
F / Fm6 / C/G E/G# / Am7 /
We'll take us some time just a little each day
D7 / D7 /e /f# / Gsus / Bm7/E /
'Cause we won't let this (our) love slip away.

A E/G# / F#m7 / Bm7 / Bm7/E /
Stolen moments with you, stolen moments will do,
E/G# / F#m7 / Bm7 / Bm7/E /
If that's all I have to spend here with you
A/E / F+5 / F#m7 / Ebm7-5 / Ebm7-5
Stolen moments with you, stolen moments will do,
A / D Dm6 / A Eadd4 / D /
Stolen moments with you by my side.
A / D Dm6 / A Eadd4 / D /
Stolen moments make everything right
A / D Dm6 / A
Stolen moments with you by my side.

Lyrics Rob Satori & Sherrie Satori Music Rob Satori & Sherrie Satori
Producer Rob Satori Publisher Web Adventures LLC
Performance Rob Satori Label Rob Satori Entertainment
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