Song Description

Metal song with electronic elements. Intended backing for TV or movie.

Song Length 1:27 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Aggressive, Frenetic

Like this track alot. Nice haunting guitar melody. Good angry feel overall.

as a huge buckethead fan this is right up my alley. i absolutely do want to hear much more from this artist.

Very nice. Even thought this was only 1:30 the tune ran through a vast range of sounds and ideas. Liked the clean intro that set up for what was to come. Liked the synth that followed the guitar at 0:42, and also thought that exotic melody at 0:54 made this work. Also the 1:11 section that sounded "Industrial" helped make this an interesting journey. Nice to hear such creativity of "metal" other than downtune and grunt.

Great arrangement, tightly played. I like the leads and juxtaposition of the electronic elements.

Awesome, I really liked the song!!!

Nice instrumental and good use of creating a dynamic feel by layering some of the instrumentation. Didn't feel the same old same old throughout... Nice job!

Music Robert L Scott Producer Robert L Scott
Performance Robert L Scott

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