like a shoe on the highway

Story Behind The Song

Woke up one night walked in my garage with my guitar and the song just kind of penned itself . It wasnt something I struggled to write . It flowed ou easily . The recording of the song flowed as well with the same ease . Christy lee did one take on her parts and nailed them all the first time , I Loved it !

Song Description

A song of eternal hope when all else failed we turn to God .Though feeling frustrated about or current cicumstance and cry ou why are we feeling like a shoe on the high or a feeling of despair ,along with a felling of a future triumph.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - General


Lord I Know Iam In The Palm Of Your Hand , In My Life Lord Many Things I dont Understand ,All Of Heaven You Said I can Have It , But the Tempters Come He come My Way To Try to Grab It : Chorus>
And Its been Blow By Blow Then Blown Away , Crushed Into Powder By The End Of The Day ,Lord I feel So Lonely Like A shoe On the High way ,everytime I thing I reached an End ,I look Down The road And here comes trouble again Lord I feel so Lonely Like A shoe On the high way .
I looked at My Years Lord and I am not where I want to be, I wont Give Up Lord You Never Have Failed Me , I wont Question the rest of the story If I share in your suffering I am Gonna share In your Glory : Back To Chorus

Lyrics Robert DeJulio Music Robert DeJulio
Producer Robert DeJulio Publisher Robert Dejulio
Performance Robert DeJulio ,Christy Lee Roose Label Bob Dejulio Music Publishing
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