My Own Worst Enemy

Song Description

"Angry, Anguished, Anxious, Brave, Contemplative, Dark, Deep, Defeated, Depressed, Determined, Disenchanted, Disillusioned, Disillusioned, Dramatic, Dreadful, Emotional, Fearful, Foreboding, Doubtful, Haunting, Heavy, Honest, Hopeless, Hurt, Intense, Lonely, Melancholic, Menacing, Painful, Pleading, Powerful, Questioning, Raw, Scared, Serious, Sinister, Solemn, Somber, Strong, Tension, Tragic, Wicked, Worried, Wrong, Depression, Demons, Voice in your head, Suicide, Darkness, Loner, "

Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Depressing Subject Numbness, Anger
Language English


"What is this voice
Inside my head
Even though he sounds like me
I don't think he's my friend

He hates it when I'm happy
He's such a grouch
He's waiting for his chance
To kick me when I'm down

How long has it been
since I believed I had a chance to win
I gave up on myself
So long ago
I can't remember when I became
My Own Worst Enemy

How can I turn it off
I've got to find a way
Please somebody help me
Make him go away

He says he's protecting me
I'd be lost without his help
Says he's the only one
Who can save me from myself

How many dreams have I watched slip away
Paralysed by doubt
Guided by a voice in my head
I can't tune out"

Lyrics Riq Turner Music Riq Turner, George Selsky
Producer Riq Turner, George Selsky Publisher Riq Turner
Performance Riq Turner, George Selsky

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