You Must Be Over Me, 'Cause Now You're Under Him

Song Length 3:38 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


You Must Be Over Me, ?Cause Now You?re Under Him

You must be over me
?Cause now you're under him
My world is downside up
My heart is outside in
At least I won?t go on
Worried and wonderin?
You must be over me
?Cause now you?re under him

You?d been gone for awhile
I was startin? to worry
?Cause you didn't say goodbye
And you left in a hurry
When you left I was cryin?
Said you?d be back - you were lyin?
What?s done is done
Go on and have your fun
Let?s get down to the goodbyin?


I took a walk into town
To take a stroll in the park
There was no one else around
It was startin? to get dark
Now tell me what do I see
Beneath the old oak tree?
It?s my special blend
And my new ex-best friend
I guess the joke is on me


Lyrics Hemberger, Hemberger, Mayo, Rasero Music Hemberger, Hemberger, Mayo, Rasero
Producer Hemberger, Hemberger, Mayo, Rasero Publisher Hemberger Music, Raserosongs, Melodious Thunk Music
Performance The Renovators Label Berger Platters
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