Oh Marilyn

Story Behind The Song

Song was inspired by a documentary on TV which examined the short life and suspicious death circumstances of Marilyn Monroe.

Song Description

The song describes a conversation between a person and a picture of Marilyn Monroe and the thoughts/questions that the person has as they think about her life and compares it to human life in general. The scene is set during the onset of twilight (when f

Song Length 6:14 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Peaceful Subject Philosophy, Spirituality
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


Copyright © 1988, Ray Mc Enaney

Oh Marilyn

I see twilight creep through my bedroom window
Casting shadows on your picture on the wall
And as I lie there I begin to think about you
To wonder what it's like to have had and lost it all
Oh Marilyn
Oh Marilyn

And in your eyes I see love-lost was yearning
Shattered in two by dreams inside you burning
And was it so cold in the warmth of the sun
Why did you lose your life the innocent one
Oh Marilyn
Oh Marilyn

Chorus I

And oh Marilyn they adored you
But what is life with love denied
For in the end they say love scorned you
Is the story true or have they lied

But we are all the same Marilyn
In the search for love to ease our pain
Imagined heroes adults of childhood
Never coming close to our highest aims
Oh Marilyn
Oh Marilyn

And now as the light fades into darkness
Your smiling face it steals away
So sleep forever - there's no more sadness
Your legend grows stronger everyday
Oh Marilyn
Oh Marilyn

Chorus II

And oh Marilyn they adore you
You're larger than life where you only strived
And to the end they'll still adore you
Forever young you have survived

Lyrics Ray McEnaney Music Ray McEnaney
Producer Ray McEnaney Performance Ray McEnaney

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