All I Know

Song Length 3:32 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Classic


All I Know
Verse 1
There's an open door on the desert floor-Keep too close it pulls you through
Aint now time or space in this happy place-When the light resides in you
I go-you go-but aint no baggage going too
All I know is round and round we go
All I know All I Know oooh ohh
Vers 2
Theres an empty placeYour gone with out a trace-Sometimes you win sometimes you loose
It's all like before Just a different score-But sometimes it's what we choose
I go-you go-but aint no baggage going too
Repeat Chorus
Let the river flow -flow to tomorrow
(Backing vocals) Foget all you know-All the pain and sorrow
Time to let it go-Go plant someflowers
(Backing vocals) Watch the as they grow-all the sons and doughters
Sing Chorus out

Lyrics Larry V Davis Music Larry V Davis
Producer Larry V Davis Performance Perry Barton, James Harris & Larry Davis

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