The Great I Am

Song Description

This is a praise and worship song That aacknowledge's Jesus as the creator, and preexistent Messiah and christ,As the god of Abraham, Isaac, King David and moses.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Religious
Mood Composed


Jesus you are love
And your love's an eternal flame
you are the god above all god's
and the name above all names

your the fire in the bush
That moses stood before
And for the children of god
you're heavens open door

you came as high priest
In the order of melchizedek
You are the king of peace
You are the great I am
Lion king of judah
God's precious lamb
You are the king of king's
you are the great I am

Root and off spring of david
The bright and morning star
Creator of our universe
And every creature near and far

Jesus, god of abraham
God's provided lamb
Like you rescued Isaac
You rescued other men

Chorus- repeat

Jesus god of abraham
You are the great I Am

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