Fire and Ice (2013 Phoenix Rising OST)

Story Behind The Song

I wrap my contempt into your cooling embrace, only to learn that that the cold of your perception burns just as deeply as my inferno inside, if only to dance for a moment... Our dance could be brilliant indeed.

Song Length 6:11 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Multiple Tempos Similar Artists BT, David Guetta

Nice instrumental track with an electro / pop / modern / dubsteb feel to it
It's original. Weird track arrangement overall as the song switches to almost rave / hardcore electro then again very different sections. This is really rich in terms of writing and ideas.

would remove the synths from intro

Music N.Jones, Wesley Dinwiddle Producer N.Jones
Performance Wesley Dinwiddle, N.Jones
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Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Penny Towers best dynamic soundtrack 10/19/2014
Penny Towers Intense verified energy adventures 10/19/2014
Penny Towers unique song and production with mood of its own 5/22/2013
Wes Dinwiddie Top Soundtracks 5/21/2013
Wes Dinwiddie Collaborations 5/21/2013

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