I Live My Life in Memory of You

Story Behind The Song

Phil wrote this song at 20 years old as he sat in his school's waiting room. It is rumored to be about his first girlfriend, but he denies it to the end.

Song Description

I Live My Life in Memory of You is a poignant ballad about losing the love of your life. When even the worst relationship leaves you wishing for the person you can never be with again.

Song Length 4:42 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Loneliness, Lost Love
Similar Artists Elvis Costello Language English
Era 2000 and later


you were my life
and i was the love you needed desperately
to hold onto sanity

we made the water spit tears at the sky
and reflect in your eyes
and i would cry just to hold you

we never talked too much
but words weren't needed

i don't know what happened
all our fears came true
and i live my life in memory of you

you were my queen
and i was your fool
your court jester juggling and fanning you
to keep you cool

i never learned to love all the cruel things that you'd say
i never learned the heartless games you wanted me to play
i never learned to love too much those tricks you'd have me do
but i live my life in memory of you

you call me petty people
but i don't listen to your lies
i can see a fire of envy burning
in your bedroom eyes

i remember that our happy hours
would last a day or two
and our lives were a tragedy for two
now i live my life in memory of you

you were right
and i was wrong
i only saw with blinded eyes
and clung to habit far too long

we never kissed too much
we suffered for it

now i know what happened
we never had a chance
but i'll never love another girl so true
that i live my life in memory of you

i don't need your love no more
now that we are through
but i'll live my life in memory of you

a very nice traditional styled balled. piano vocals with minimal music.
very nice vocals and style very sad sounding song. good production and recording. liked the sax solo and minimal stripped back style. has that smokey night bar live feel to it.
nice track

Good lyrics great vocal cool sax and piano.

Lyrics phil common Music phil common
Producer Galuminumfoil productions Publisher phil common
Performance phil common, tyler summers
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