You Took My Breath Away (ft. Aniruddha Prabhu)

Song Description

A song about loss of a soul mate. Featuring Aniruddha Prabhu.

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


You Took My Breath Away

You called my name and I answered with a smile
You looked away but you blushed just like a child
I knew right then that you were the one for me
I asked you out and the rest is history

But now I 'm on my own, I can't see beyond the day
I won't think about a God that would take my love away
I had everything I wanted I had all that I could need
But the one who was within my heart was ripped away from me

You took my breath away (x4)

On our first date we both knew that we had found
A special love that could never be brought down
As Winter passed our love would blossom with the Spring
Those Summer nights became the truth behind our dreams

That was seven years ago it seems like yesterday
But time was not a friend to us, we had to face the day
When two hearts that had beat as one would soon be torn in two
And I was left all on my own the day that I lost you

You took my breath away (x4)

Long for my past but a future I can't see
Without you here it feels a hopeless waste to me
The sun still shines, the rain still falls, the wind still blows
But I feel numb and the feeling never goes

You were the air I need to breathe, I'm breathless with you gone
You gave me sight so I could see the right ways from the wrong
I saw your strength to carry on whilst knowing deep inside
That day you passed I lost your love and a large part of me died

You took my breath away (x4)

You took my breath away, I can't see beyond today
You took my breath away, it feels like such a hopeless waste
You took my breath away, my heart was ripped away from me
You took my breath away

Lyrics Peter Coburn Music Peter Coburn, Aniruddha Vijayakrishna Srinivasa, Steve Brown
Producer Steve Brown Performance Aniruddha Vijayakrishna Srinivasa

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