When I Rest

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - General
Mood Depressing


When I Rest I see the face of a troubled man. Looking down at him I say my prayers. Painted pictures that line the way. A row of wasted talent that?s cut short by his own friend. Running with a crowd. Bad evil seeds. Capable of murder is this a reality. Visions of s crime scene. A picture can?t shake. Believe that were immortal but it?s not a human trait. Pre Chorus: Thinking that your life a right your taking it for granted Easily extinguished but it?s hard to comprehend it. Chorus: Who decides when you will rest. Questioning a higher force that?s taking your last breath. Who decides when you will rest. I?ll cross that bridge the day I?ll fall prey to my death. I?ve seen his mother the other day. Crying in disgust she starts to say. I?ll never get to hold him. Or congratulate his fame. She can only visit ashes it?s what?s left or his remains.

Really good and heavy sound with great guitar and drum work plus lyrical content that is very substantial food for thought. All in all, a very good piece.

Rip my face off and give it to grandma! Very cool song guys, love the drive, the vocals, and musicianship. Very cool chorus and the hook is infectious. The guitars have the right crunchy distortion and the drummer is an animal ripping up those skins towards the end of the song.

This is a great song. Great dynamics. Good vocals. Great mix. Nice guitar work. The drumming is great. The arrangement is right on!!! Great stuff, keep it up.

I didn't just go down the line checking 5's. This really is massively good in every sense and aspect. Basically makes most bands in this genre seem like toddlers with PlaySkool instruments. Really liked the way this went from the quiet parts to the heavy chording, and the vocal harmonies really soared. Glad you left the usual grunting out of this sort of heavy tune - sounds way better and gives you much more dimension. Power, dynamics, judgment about what should go where, production, musicianship, feel, drive -- this has it all. You guys are performing in rarefied air -- you better be enjoying it!

I like all the changes in the structure of the chords. Vocals are some of the cleanest I've heard. Nice tempo. The music just keeps movin' on. Nice feel. Good on the harmony. I'm very impressed, it sounds very produced. Nice chops on the drums. Guess what? You're marketable!

Lyrics Chris Chubb Music Chris Chubb
Producer Chris Chubb/Co-Production by Brian Ericson Publisher Chris Chubb
Performance Chris Chubb, Larry Demumbrum Label Chubbwax Music 2006
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