Through Time

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Gloomy, Moving
Subject Age, Aging, Future Language English
Era 2000 and later



When we were kids life was so different
We had no pressure, no bills that would come to be. Days growing thin of simplistic deeds that we achieve. Oblivious to what lerks ahead we can?t see.

Break away, something that has to be. Leave the nest it?s time to spread your wings. Hopes of makes it you?ll struggle on your own. Listen to that voice that?s in your head you?ll see

I wanna go back through time. So I can see what we have come to be. Don?t wanna find out my future. Cuz I?m afraid all fall short, Of my needs.

Falling short of my needs. It?s what I fear. It?s my worst enemy. Success, it?s a valid dream. What you make yourself, hard work makes you bleed. Moving on, forward we go today. Hopes of turning back the clock will never be. No direction so you?re caught up in a haze. Life?s too damn short to be going every which way.



Older but wiser. Trading youth for smarts it?s so crippling. I?ve walked a million miles in these old shoes. But now I need some aid getting through the days.

Excellent song! I think there are top-notch performances all around, great vocals and vocal melodies, excellent guitar work; rhythm and lead, I thought the acoustic parts fit really really well and I like the wah on the lead. Terrific drumming too; solid wall of thunder between you and the bassist, great fills. I really liked the sound of the bass; very nice low end...tight, not muddy, nice tone, too.
Arrangement-wise I liked the change in the middle a lot, and the acoustic guitar just worked, gave it a nice counter-balance to the heaviness.
Not much that I can add to the song to improve it.

Lyrics Chris Chubb Music Chris Chubb
Producer Chris chubb Publisher Chris Chubb
Performance Chris Chubb Label Chubbwax Music2006
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