Song Length 3:09 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Heated, Intolerable
Subject Anger Similar Artists Korn, Metallica
Language English Era 2000 and later


Hearing you use to make me mad. Thinking back to all the hurtful things that you use to say. I will admit that we made the most of the good times. Always seemed to come to an end. Our moments of bliss have seemed to fade

CHORUS: I live for the day that I see you DEAD. Thinking back to all the hurtful things that you use to say. I am not content knowing that you still roam this earth. I just won?t rest till the day that I see you dead. I want to see you dead. I want to see you dead see you DEAD see you dead.

Starting over is such a drag. The less that we converse is really best so we heal and mend. Immaturity best describes what you?re feeling. It?s your finer qualities. A victim who?s always out to suit her needs.




Real head-banging piece with great drum and guitar work. Subject matter might not work too well in many genres, but it is almost custom-made for heavy metal.

Great song! I heard the opening guitar riff and immediately knew who it was. You, as a band, have a created a sound that's distinctively yours and easily recognizable, not an easy task. Great guitar hooks and melodies. Excellent vocal melodies! And, not that it has been missing at all, but I hear a swagger to this song. I also hear a bit of early Sabbath in the main guitar riff, very tasty, as is the beat - kind of laid back, but driving. Very cool.

Nice forward driving sound. Powerful music. Good musicianship. The hook grows on you.

Lyrics Chris Chubb Music Chris Chubb
Producer Chris Chubb/Co-Production by Brian Ericson Publisher Chris Chubb
Performance Chris Chubb, Larry Demumbrum Label Chubbwax Music2006
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