Now That You're Single

Story Behind The Song

Just observations.

Song Description

Wife tired of all the nights hubby spends out while she stays at home. She decides they'd both be better off single.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Composed Subject Divorce, Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


(c) Pam Hanna/Cary Krump (BMI)

I'm leaving our love nest for two
Where I've been spendin' time alone
While you've been out with your sidehide
Till the wee dark hours of the morn
Don't expect to find any lights on
Next time you finally roll in
All you'll see is my hat on the horizon
With more distance 'tween us than there's ever been

So enjoy the years ahead now that you're single
Use our his and hers towels for rags
Get a full tan on your ring finger
Put your manly footwear in my closet space
Use our monogrammed notes in the birdcage
Use the extra season ticket for a friend
Throw our initialed crystal 'gainst the fireplace
Now that you're single, enjoy the years ahead

You'll have no visits from in-laws
You can rent whatever movies you want
The days of getting third-degreed are gone, gone, gone
So go ahead and moonlight at your favorite haunt
I won't be tugging at your covers
I'll leave that to your catch of the day
Now you're back in the pack like in your good ol' bachelor days


Next time day breaks we won't be face to face
Now that you're single, enjoy the years ahead

Pam Hanna
1259 Masters Drive
Crandall, TX 75114
(972) 427-6981

Lyrics Pam Hanna Music Pam Hanna/Cary Krump
Performance Lisa Gregg

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