Rich Man

Song Description

A fun song for women who are tired of that BROKEN man who can't and won't deliver!

Song Length 5:32 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Blues - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Nonviolent Language English


Rich Man
Lyrics by Pamela G & Joyce Jones
Copyright, 2005 ASCAP/BMI


Mama J: Ooo sister G sister G. Girlfriend come on over and talk to me. I heard that you and your man was through, is it true? Tell me Sister G, what are you gonna do?

Pamela G: Well, I got a new plan. For now on I want me a rich man.
No more whining or lying, lazy, no more broke, begging, and acting crazy. I'm telling you Sister J. between me and you, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD CARD IS GONNA HAVE TO DO!

Verse 1
I want a rich man that knows how to treat me right. Bring me some flowers, in the morning, noon and night.

I want this man to cover me in jewels, and I want his hands all over me, like an electrifying tool. I want this good man to really treat me right.

Verse 2
I want this rich man to take me up in his private plane, fly me to New York and London, carry me to Spain,

Whisper sweet words and nothings only to me, order expensive champagne and imported Sherry. I won't have nothing to do with a broke man again. I'm telling you and you and you, I want me a rich man...

Rich man, somebody to treat me right, rich man, in the morning, noon, and night.

Rich man only loving me, rich man, that's the way its got to be

Rich man, good man, sweet man.
Guitar solo

Bridge; No, no good whisky toten, chain smoking, bad attitude and broken, it's not in the plan..sisters... get you a rich man (2x's)

Vamp.. Cause ladies you're the best, don't settle for nothing less. Get a man with the 4 C's...CASH, CAR CAREER, and CREDIT! I want me a man, with a plan; I said with some Benjamin's in his hands, I want me a rich man...

Lyrics Pamela G/Joyce Jones Music Pamela G/Joyce Jones
Producer Pamela G Publisher Pamela G/Joyce Jones
Label N-Control Productions

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